Development Hockey

Hockey Players Have Hearts of Gold

Most of us love and adore hockey so it is in our nature to want to give back. There is no better way than teaching a child who has never held a hockey stick to smack the plastic off the ball for the first time. The pure joy and glee in their facial expression is priceless. 

We have a number of players from local communities who are now able to take part in our sport thanks to the generous donations of equipment and kit from you our parents.

In 2017 we would like to take our development programme even further. Each of these players will require kit in the form of gum guards, shin pads, shoes, hockey sticks and uniform. We also have a a difficult time in getting these players to and from practice and their games.

Should you wish to donate your old kit or perhaps your time assisting these players please contact Taryn Flee on 082 647 7322 or via email


Benoni Northerns would like to take this opportunity to announce the sponsor a child campaign that will be launched shortly. Due to the current economic climate it is very difficult for companies to sponsor entire teams. In an attempt to help our kids and help our sponsors we would like to take the approach of one child - one sponsor. 

Should you be as excited about this idea as we are please contact Taryn in the meantime for more information on how you can sponsor a child.

A most sincere and heartfelt thank you to our club president Ted Jarvis and fellow members of the club who have so generously made donations in 2016. You are all fantastic. All donations were made into the main club account and will be put to good use in the year ahead. 

We are currenty looking for a transport solution to get these players to and from practices and tournaments. If you are able to assist please let us know.